No$GBA for Mac

Latest build: 10 (Alternatively, you can browse all builds)


No$GBA is originally a Windows only Nintendo DS & GBA emulator. You can go to its official page by clicking here. The Mac version I made uses the popular Wineskin wrapper to run No$GBA via wine. However, you don't need to have Wineskin on your Mac for this port to work.

IMPORTANT: When using build 7 or earlier, if you don't want your save files to disappear then don't quit the app by pressing Cmd + Q or by right clicking the app icon and selecting quit. Instead, close its window if you want to quit the app.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are my save files located at?

A. They are inside the application package itself. Right click on the application, select "Show Package Contents." From there, go to drive_c -> Program Files -> NoCashGBA -> BATTERY. Your save files should be there.  

Beta Release Section

Beta releases are unstable and meant for testing purposes only.

Build 11 Beta can be downloaded by clicking here. Unlike previous builds it comes along with No$Zoomer which brings along many features with it. This build needs to be tested thoroughly for any bugs before a stable build with No$Zoomer is released.

Known Bugs:

1. White screen, game not rendering at all.

Solution: Go to "Options -> Seperate settings for each game." After that, select it again to remove the check mark next to it. Your game should now render correctly.